Acrobatic Gymnastics (acro)

Acrobatic Gymnastics

A gymnastic discipline where teams of gymnasts work together. They perform routines consisting of acrobatic moves (holds, throws, catches), dance choreography and tumbling (in perfect synchronization), set to music. There is a place for everyone with different roles for the top, middle and base gymnast. Groups are made according to each gymnast strengths and abilities. 

Our acro program follows the Junior Olympic program and FIG

  • Enhances balance, co-ordination and agility
  • Develops posture and confident body movement, including to ability to land safely
  • Challenges the mind and body to courageously reach new goals
  • Builds strength, flexibility and power
  • Is the perfect team based sport for athletes who want to share the thrill of performing balances, flips and twists with their friends.

 Quality programs for the little beginners, and developing advance gymnast competing against the top in the sport..

Check out the programs below for more information:

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Extreme Gym

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Acrobatic Gymnastics Pre Team Programs | Classes

Acrobatic Gymnastics Pre Team

Pre team is a great start for athletes new to Acrobatic Gymnastics.The primary focus is to the build..

Acrobatic Gymnastics: Junior Team Programs | Classes

Acrobatic Gymnastics: Junior Team

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International Acrobatic Gymnastics - AI1 & AI2 Programs | Classes

International Acrobatic Gymnastics - AI1 & AI2

Preparing athletes for a national and international standard. Athletes are challenged both..

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